How to promote your rental of holiday homes


In the past, the promotion of the availability of a rental of holiday homes was limited to some local channels: printed advertising, brochures delivered or hanged in the city, postcards left in local establishments and word of mouth. With the arrival of the Internet, a new option has been created to commercialize holiday rentals. Now you can promote your rented house around the world relatively cheaply and easily. You can create your own website or take advantage of the listings of sites that attract you traffic.

In this first part of nearby articles, you can learn about the basics of how to promote a holiday home. Each of the additional fees in this series will deepen in several aspects about the commercialization of vacation rentals in various ways.

Marketing of vacation rentals with individual websites

It has become very easy for anyone to buy a domain and accommodation package and promote a rental of holiday homes online. In addition, you do not need to know HTML or be an experienced web designer to take advantage of rental marketing services in this way; There are many programs that have been created that facilitate the creation of a simple-looking website. You want to make sure that your holiday home rental site is as professional as possible and contains photos inside and out, as well as details of all available amenities. You can also include information on price and availability, if you like, or you need the interested parties to contact you for more information. And make sure you have the way that visitors can contact you.

The core of your rental vacation rental site should serve as an online version of a brilliant brochure that you can deliver to potential tenants. You will learn more about how to create great places to market vacation rentals and how to make them notice in future articles in this series.

Holiday rental homes

Whether you want to create your own website for vacation home rental property or want to make an easy way to advertise your home, you may want to see the advantages of vacation rental websites. These sites facilitate the rental of marketing vacations by compiling lists of houses for rental of owners and / or companies to help bring the tenants to your door. Many holiday rental homes charge a small fee for your listing, but they allow you to incorporate photos, text and a link to your site. These sites can also provide tenants with contact with homeowners. Future articles will show you what to look for in a place to rent holiday homes and how to promote a holiday rental along with the many listings available.

Marketing of holiday rentals with printed advertising: from leaflets to newspaper ads

While the Internet is an extremely important tool for marketing vacation rentals, traditional marketing venues can make a difference if you want to attract tenants. You can create flyers with images of your home, prices and list of services that you can publish in the city where your holiday home rental is. This is an extremely cheap way to notice, but it is important to design your brochures with attractive images and easy-to-read text. You can also create postcards with this information that can be sent by email to local homes or placed in local stores so that visitors and residents can be picked up.

Another option to commercialize vacation rentals is to publish ads in the classified section of any local newspaper. The disadvantage of this is that you may end up paying a lot for an ad that will only see a limited number of people, but this same ad will specifically target the area for your holiday home rental and can get strong results .

Preparation of rental property for holiday homes

No matter how you choose when you rent your marketing vacations, you should take photographs of your home to put them on the web, in the newspaper or in a brochure. Make sure that you prepare your home so that it looks as good as possible – that the lawn be cut, that the pool area be tidy, that the windows be clean, etc. Then, make a series of photos from different angles of the home so that a potential tenant knows exactly what you will find. If you can, add something to your home that highlights. For example, use colorful curtains or take your picture at night. Above all, be sure to give people a reason to look more closely at what you have to offer in a holiday home rental.

Word of mouth

The easiest and cheapest way to market vacation rentals is word of mouth. Tell anyone and everyone that you have available housing. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell the people of the bank and the grocery store. While the person you say may not be the next person to rent a home, you may have a friend or relative that is on the market to rent a vacation home.


Below is a small sampling of options that you can make to market holiday rentals to be booked throughout the year. Future articles will provide you with more detailed information on these options, as well as additional tips and ideas on how to successfully promote a vacation rental.


Find a holiday home in Rome online: a guide


Rome, Italy is not for the dismemberments of the heart. It is a city that explodes with life to the seams. There are approximately 2,900,000 inhabitants, locals and tourists, and there is more art, culture, history and style than any other city in the world.

If you plan to visit Rome, you must remember a very simple but valuable advice. When you go to Rome, do as the Romans do. He lives in a Roman house. This will help make your stay more memorable. Rome rental houses let you live authentic Roman lives cheap but comfortably. In addition, it allows you to experience first-hand lifestyle, visions and sounds that traveled across the continents. After all, Rome is known for its great architecture, and what could be more representative of architecture than holiday rentals in Rome that are offered in different neighborhoods?

To find a holiday rental in Rome that fits your budget and your expectations, your best bet is to find places online. It may seem easy, but once you start surfing the web, you will find that it is a very confusing and time-consuming activity. There are too many online sites that offer holiday rentals in Rome in a cheap and comfortable way. Most places are a waste of time. Some try to be useful, but they provide very little useful information.

So what are you looking for in places that offer holiday rental in Rome?

Good search functionality

The first is advanced search functionality. Do not take the time to click the links of a website, unless it provides easy navigation and quick access to advance search functionality. A good website allows you to customize your search, look for the property and the comforts you want and make your selection accordingly.

Excellent graphic presentation

The second thing to look for is images. A good website will provide you with clear photos of the holiday rental in Rome available to tourists like you. The presentation is sold. Why book a place midway through the world when you are not even sure whether it is a town or a stop?


Security is always a primary concern, especially in online transactions. Do not make money for any accommodation without first reading comments or making inquiries. For everything you know, your owner can be an old rudder who forces tenants to eat their homemade pizza and threatens them with an increase in rent if they do not.

Information on excellent prices

Only the village idiot would rent a property without first asking for the price. Although many websites that offer vacation rentals in Rome are attractive on prices, there are also many others that are not. An example is So, make sure you first do your research with the average costs. It is a no-no absolute for renting a vacation home without checking its price.

A good website is one that combines the four functions. It must have a good search functionality, graphic presentation, security and price information. After all, while the imagination is good, it will not help you plan your vacation in that beautiful place known as the City of Lights.


Where to stay in Orlando – a hotel or holiday rental house?


There is no question about this, Orlando is a vacation paradise. There are enough theme parks, attractions for attractions, nightlife and natural beauty nearby places for you and your family to cheer up day and night. But where should you stay, at a hotel or a condominium, villa or house for rent? I am firm in the value of a vacation rental house and I would like to explain the advantages they have about accommodation in the hotel.

There are several things to think about and find in the epigraphs of comfort, comfort and economy.

Let's first look for comfort. The main factor behind the huge boom in rental homes offered in the Orlando area is the fact that people begin to realize that in the same way they would not like to live their lives In rooms that are at home, when they are there In the holidays, they would also like to have the same breadth as at home.

The rental houses that are offered in the Orlando area are, in fact, spacious and comfortable. They go from two-bedroom condominiums to huge seven-bedroom villas. Condominiums have community pools, and houses and villas have a private pool and, in many cases, also a spa. The houses are fully furnished and fully equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, DVD and stereo systems. Some of the homes also have high speed wireless Internet connections.

There is no doubt about it, if you stay in a rental house you will have a spacious environment and you will have all the comforts you could imagine. Now we look for convenience.

You can choose rental houses and stay in houses or villas located next to Disney World and other popular attractions. Imagine that you spend ten minutes and you are at the door of Disney World. This type of location is convenient. Another factor to consider is flexibility. When you are at your vacation home you can sleep whenever you want, get up when you want, take a refrigerator from the refrigerator or do anything you would do at home. In a hotel doing all these things is not always possible or convenient.

In case you ask about cleaning and maintenance, many rental houses are maintained by agencies that use professional cleaning agencies to keep homes. When you are about to leave, you will not have to leave the place impeccable, since the cleaning job will do the job.

In addition to the comfort factor, holiday homes offer a degree of privacy that you will not get in any hotel.

Now we consider economy. Do you have a large family or do you need rooms for children? Well, the cost of hotel rooms can really be added, and in most cases you will save money and get larger accommodation if you opt for an apartment, house or villa for rent.

All these factors have led to a large growth in the rental offer of holiday homes in the Orlando area. Private owners, as well as agencies, offer a great selection of condominiums, villas and houses in this popular tourist destination. Therefore, do not adjust to your family in a small hotel room when you are in Orlando, take advantage of the economy, comfort and comfort of a vacation home or condo rental.


Vacation rentals on the beaches of Destin Florida


There is nothing like spending a holiday in the calm waters along the beach. Holiday rentals in Destin Florida offer the perfect combination of beach activities and a comfortable and relaxing environment for you and your family.

Experiencing the coastal breeze along the beautiful beaches of Destin make it a favorite destination for many travelers. Destin is one of the most beloved family destinations in the United States for its extensive extension of white sands with sugar and emerald water beaches. Adventurous nautical sports allow you to immerse yourself in crystalline water from the sea. Destin is the perfect location for your vacations to be special. The mild climate in spring and autumn are the best moments to visit Destin.

Of course, going to spend some beaches mainly involves many activities on the beach and the sea. Destin's beaches operate anywhere in the world and Destin offers much more than beach activities. The game of golf, fishing and shopping are some of the other things you can do while visiting Destin. You can choose a cruise, if you want to spend your time in the water without entering the water. You can choose a cruise that offers magnificent views of the ocean. These cruises include a variety of sunset cruises, dolphin cruises, cruises for dinner and cruises for lunch. You can see the dolphins that enter and leave the water from very close. These cruises also offer many activities such as bird feeding and a variety of themed activities. In addition to seeing the dolphins, you can also enjoy a magnificent view of various marine birds, fish and other marine creatures.

Destin is very famous for its great variety of fishing, including offshore fishing, deep-sea fishing, sport fishing, the bay and fishing with minor appliances. The fish habitually captured includes feet, triple tail, marlin, swordfish and red fish. You can also go for fish feed and experience fish food in your hands, just make sure you do it under the supervision of a professional instructor. You can find some of the best places with lovely views of the port of Destin, as well as an exclusive collection of excellent wines. You can find a variety of traditionally cooked seafood in Destin. Many restaurants offer delights such as fresh seafood, steaks and grilled meats.

A holiday rental on the beach is the best way to spend your holidays. You can choose between several apartments, beach houses and beach houses with spacious rooms that allow comfort throughout your trip. These rentals are very close to many places of tourist, shopping, food and food. You can choose an apartment with elegant furniture and impressive outdoor views that include a pool, tennis court, barbecue and a gym. These apartments also offer a private beach along the beautiful coastline. Staying in a fantastic place like this is the best way to relax and relax during the holidays. You can also opt for a wonderful contemporary beach house with spacious rooms and a private pool that is located just meters from the beach. A fabulous beach house with very well furnished rooms along with a club house and a terrace to make your trip more convenient. These rents are fully equipped with TV and DVD player, wireless internet and outdoor speakers.

If you are planning a holiday on the beaches of Destin, be sure to do your research to find the best possible accommodation for your vacation. Holiday rentals in Destin are usually the best accommodation option for an amazing time.


Canadian snowbirds reach holiday homes in Santa Barbara


When Canada's Anne Murray sang her hit song "Snowbirds", she did not sing about Canadian Geese. He sang thousands of Canadians tied to the snow called "snow birds" that make the annual pilgrimage from the winter of Canada and the Pacific northwest to warmer climates in places like Southern California. There, the snowmen nest during the winter months, taking advantage of the warmth of the sun in southern California, in the picturesque gem cities like Santa Barbara. Located between the beautiful mountains of Santa Ynez and the Pacific, Santa Barbara is the largest destination.

The snowbirds that go to what some call "The American Riviera" have a secret: holiday homes in Santa Barbara have everything. Those who have discovered holiday homes in Santa Barbara spray Arizona's arid deserts and even the Palm Springs oasis for this coastal beauty. Because? They do not know too well what can offer them vacation rentals in Santa Barbara, in the form of comfort and comfort and entertainment. Snow birds that go to the coastal city of Santa Bárbara are not content with the release of a good winter book under some Saguaro cacti or they conform to the purchasing sheets of designers that require SPF 70 and a great checkbook. They are too active and full of life for that. They want more, and that's exactly what the Santa Barbara vacation apartments have to offer.

Holiday homes in Santa Barbara cover a large area of ​​the urban city of Santa Bárbara. There are private homes and condominium units on the coast, directly on the beach, in the interior, near tourist attractions and everything there is. For the snow birds that migrate here, camping is not an option. They do not want them to scratch throughout the winter or share public facilities with their neighbors. They do not own freelance vehicles because they do not want the trouble to store a VV without protection for most of the year. They get used to comforting and they want the long winter they are out of their homes.

David and Leslie Benscott, retired attorneys from British Columbia, used to camp with their children. But now they are nesting hollows and, when they arrive in winter, they are not interested in doing so. For seven years they've rented holiday homes in Santa Barbara. "In addition," says Leslie, "we both love cooking and it is bad enough to admit that we want a nice kitchen to do it. Our condominium has a fabulous kitchen style kitchen with stunning views. From the Pacific Ocean, at least once a week, we will prepare a gourmet meal in our holiday home in Santa Barbara and meet friends at the beach for a picnic. You just can not do it in January at the British Columbia ".

The holiday rental of Benscott in Santa Barbara is fully equipped. Often, holiday rental owners equip an apartment or house with things like beach equipment, games, movies and cooked cuisine. There are no taxes or advice related to vacation rentals, as there would be in a hotel, therefore, in the long run, vacation rentals in Santa Barbara are cheaper than staying at a long-term hotel, especially when you do not you will have dinner out every meal The Benscotts have become the search for all Santa Barbara's interest sites, each season adding a few new discoveries to their coffer. This year, their grandchildren visited and everyone visited the Railway Museum and the Santa Barbara Zoo. It was a memory that everyone will keep alive. Fortunately, there was plenty of space for everyone to stay in their holiday rental with their three spacious rooms and the beach front yard. The goods could walk on the beach every morning with the Benscotts. They have the shell collections to prove it.

With over one hundred wineries in Santa Barbara and the surrounding area, cultural events such as theater, arts and crafts fairs on the beachfront, and even the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, there is something for to everyone. Snow birds know that if you like outdoor activities in the atmosphere, Santa Barbara is the perfect place for you.

Snowbirds Ken and Marie Linter, a retired surgeon and his wife, come from Alberta, Canada every winter, attracted by warm temperatures and the excellent properties that they find in Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals. They have rented the same condominium four seasons ago. Ken and Marie are eager bicyclists and kayaks and they love the opportunities that Barbara offers to stay fit during the winter months. "The only exercise I make in Alberta is to step on snow," says Ken, who left skiing a few years ago. "And, frankly, I already passed. Now, Marie and I can go around the city with the bicycles offered by our Santa Barbara vacation rental at no extra cost. We're heading home in a better way that when we came ".

Now they are only both and they love the condominiums of a room they have found in Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals. Not only do they have cleaning services in the house, but there is a conserjería service attached to your holiday rental. When it's time to decide which fabulous restaurant to choose, the concierge service is there to help you. "Last week," says Marie, "the concierge directed us to a five-star restaurant located in a private beach cove. It was probably the most romantic dinner that Ken and I had ever had. It's worth traveling from Alberta ".


Florida Beachfront Rentals – Find vacation homes on Florida beach


The beachfront rentals in Florida are a great way to enjoy Florida vacations. Florida beach rental homes and Florida beach vacation homes are found in all the most popular beach areas throughout the year. In addition to the fabulous Florida beaches you have to choose, there are many things to do during the holidays.

You can easily find Florida beaches that are great for walking, swimming and walking. Fishing with salt water on the beach is a fun way to have the opportunity to enjoy very fresh seafood. Of course, local restaurants will be waiting for you if the maritime reward arrives that day. There is a wide variety of nautical sports such as fishing, sailing, motorcycle riding, parasailing, scuba diving, canoeing, kayaking and much more that can be found in the biggest cities on the beach. Florida. Surfing in Florida can be extremely fun, as you can find waves for experienced and experienced surfers. Earning great waves makes adrenaline rush like crazy.

Gladly while you go to the beaches of Florida, why stay in a hotel or a motel room at a time when you want to relax and enjoy your time together? Instead of being stuck in a single hotel room, you can stay together while you have your rooms with the space and comfort that Florida vacation homes offer.

Is it important to have your privacy? Of course, there is very little privacy in a hotel room. Florida beachfront rentals have privacy. What about a bedroom for mom and dad with beds and rooms for children or friends? Everyone sleeps better! After all, is not the idea to rest while you're on vacation?

Baths In a hotel or motel, probably there is only one bathroom. You will enjoy two or more baths in beachfront vacations in Florida. Use the refrigerator to keep cold drinks and enjoy at any time. And you may want to sit at a home cooked meal at your Florida rental home.

If you stay in a hotel or motel, in the community area, you share it with strangers. In rent homes on Florida beach, share the common space with your family and friends, in the way you probably want it while you're on holiday!

What is the fastest and best way to find Florida beachfront rentals? Online, of course! Online, you can really see the properties in which you may want to stay.

Whether you have a vacation during the hot summer months, during the fall months or in the winter with the beauty that does not freeze in Florida, you'll be happy that you have stayed in one of the thousands of holiday homes on Florida Beach. Check them today for your upcoming fun holidays in Florida.

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Advantages of holiday rental apartments


These days, more and more tourists, businessmen and visitors are open to stay in vacation rentals. In fact, seasoned travelers tend to agree that they prefer to stay in a rural house or a vacation rental apartment instead of paying for their nose for an individual room in a hotel with too many people.

Holiday rental apartments have a different advantage.

Yes, they may cost you more than just a regular hotel room. In particular, if they are in main places. But for the price you pay, you get a more inclusive package. So, when you do the math and decompose the costs, you will find that you are really making more money.

Advantages of staying in holiday rental condominiums:


These condominiums are generally found in very quiet areas. They are really close to the best amenities that the city offers. So, if the purpose of your trip justifies this, this proximity can be very beneficial. You will have to spend less time and money on navigation.

Privacy: In a hotel room, you are always on the radar of those around you. There is also a certain amount of commitments when you leave the others and meet the endless rules of an establishment. In a rented condo, you are the king or queen, literally. All the decisions are yours.

Convenientity: holiday rental condominiums are very convenient, as they are within walking distance of all the obligatory places in an area. If you are on a business tour, the apartments offer your team the right atmosphere while allowing everyone to enjoy a relaxed stay.

Services: holiday rental apartments generally have the most modern and best available facilities. You can expect cooling or central heating, a well-stocked and fully functional kitchen, a washing machine and dryer unit, a pool, spa, a well-equipped clubhouse, gym, DVD players, cable TV and large televisions. Most condominiums also have wireless internet connections. Some sites also offer nursery services for children and children.

Cost: It is true that holiday apartments are slightly more expensive than hotel rooms. So, if you are traveling in pairs or in a small group of three, the cost factor can be a bit disconcerting. But if you are traveling with 5-8 people and your apartment allows you to stay in the same place, the cost works in your favor. If you think of a motel with a low budget with a holiday rental apartment, you know: there really is no comparison between the two. Staying in an apartment is an experience that you will never forget. And if you compare the cost of restaurants, laundry and other services, you might find that you really enjoy a better business in an apartment.


Vacation rentals in Turks and Caicos: secrets to help you plan a vacation in your life


When you travel to the Turks and Caicos Islands, go to Providenciales International Airport (PLS). If you go to an island, you can take a short flight from Provo or a ferry. You will be required to bring a valid passport to enter Providenciales. You will go through immigration and customs as you enter the country. Upon your return, you will pass customs to the entry point in your country of origin.

After clearing the customs, you can go to the airport rental car counter. A rental car is recommended in Provo, but it is not a necessity. There are private drivers and taxis. The driving is on the left side of the road and the steering wheels are also on the left. When crossing the street, make sure that you look to the right, as it is where the traffic goes.

Provo has 38 square kilometers, so there is a large amount of area to explore. The population now exceeds 6,000 inhabitants. The native language is English and is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean. Provo is known for its magnificent white and fine sandy beaches, as well as for crystalline blue water. Conde Nast has been voted "the best beach in all the tropical islands of the world". The Turks and Caicos Islands are also known as a great diving destination. Other recreational activities include an 18-hole golf course, a casino, 3 marinas, the only farm in the world's basins and many excellent restaurants. In addition, soon Provo will host the Indy Car Racing Series.

There are stations and towns in Provo to adjust to all budgets. With a chalet rental, the rates depend on the number of travelers, so even there are only two guests, the rate can be comparable to a hotel. In addition, you have the benefit of the privacy that you do not have in a large complex. Most of the villas have a private pool, full kitchen and breathtaking views.

Consult a reputable agent who will provide a personalized service and work directly with the owners of the villas. A good agent will agree with the appropriate house or resource without any additional charge.


Vacation rental label


Therefore, you have decided to stay in a private property rental house. The dates of travel are established, the reservation is made and now you are looking forward to your vacation.

But wait, have we always stayed at the hotels, how exactly works? Will hygienic paper be provided? What happens with hand soap and soap clothes?

It is good that you ask these questions now, because staying in a private property rental house is significantly different than staying at a hotel. Whoever relinquishes for comfort, gains in comfort and freedom.

Most homeowners vacation rental, make sure the basics are there to get there, but remember, this is the best place to stay at home, and who gives you supplies? It does, of course!

No owner wants their guests to come to the bathroom, they only find that there are no supplies available. However, they will not provide supplies during the entire stay.

Therefore, you should plan and budget for this. One of the first things that you want to do, upon arrival, is to look around to see what's in it, and make a list of what you need.

Chances are you will be surprised to find food and other supplies that the homeowner or previous customers have left. The general rule is that what you find is yours.

It is also normal to find multiple of some food supplies. Everyone has their own level of comfort and preferences. Do not be surprised if you find a couple of peanut butter jars and other supplies. Once again, you'll be invited to use them, but if you're upset, you just have to add this item to the shopping list.

The cleaning crew has been generally instructed to eliminate anything that could harm or attract people who do not want to. While we are on this issue, when you leave, try eliminating anything that could harm or entice errors.

You can also find non-food products such as bar soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, iron soap, sunscreen, etc. We invite you to use them, but it may not be your brand or anything else. Therefore, just leave them to the next guests.

Once you've looked around and made an inventory, make a grocery list and go shopping. You will want to make the delivery for your stay and should plan to replace anything you use. Of course, you do not want to leave the property without essential items such as toilet paper and soap.

It's a kind of "pay-it-forward" philosophy. The idea is that if you leave it well for the next guest, they will do the same for the guests after them, etc. We hope you will benefit the next time you stay in a private property rental and the house is well-equipped for you, upon arrival.

Always remember that you are at someone's home. Yes, you pay rent and yes you have the right to use it, but use it with respect. If you change a final table or lamp, you must return the items to the original location.

If you break something, be responsible and replace it if you can, or offer repair or share the cost. At a minimum, inform the owner of the rental of houses so that the article can be replaced by subsequent guests. Most vacation rental homeowners understand about wear, but the usual courtesy and consideration are highly regarded.

Remember that staying at home for a vacation rental is not so different that staying at a relative's house. You want to use all your supplies; Would you reorganize furniture without permission? What happens if you break something, you would not be responsible and fix, replace or at least notify your relative? Use some common sense and courtesy and everyone will be happy.

Staying in a private property rental vacation is a fantastic experience that allows families to spend their holidays together comfortably. If you believe you need to be licked, stay in a hotel where there is a lot of staff available to meet your needs, it is probably a better option for you.

But if you enjoy your privacy and like the idea of ​​waking up in the morning and drinking a cup of coffee while sitting next to the pool in your kitchen facilities, then a vacation rental of private property does not can be overcome


Peru – Lima, Offers for holiday homes in Miraflores


Miraflores is the tourist district of Lima. The main hotels are located in this beautiful city on the Pacific Ocean. Over the last few years, a great offer of equipment has been developed, from fine dining, fast food, cybercafe (internet for less than one dollar per hour), to casinos, dancing, crafts, antique markets, Original paintings, cinemas and much more.

The traditional beach of Miraflores joins a lot of surfers, as well as the riffs attract windsurfers.

Miraflores also has an archaeological site called Huaca Pucllana, which is a tourist place to visit and has a taste of ancient cultures in the middle of Western culture.

For the modern mainstream, you can find Larco Mar, a commercial center that looks to the ocean, with a sunset that will relax.

The main travel agencies are in Miraflores with a huge offer of cities to visit Peru. Even the main Peruvian airline companies have their offices in Miraflores.

However, the best way to enjoy your visit is to rent a good apartment (holiday rental) in a residential building. Fully furnished, equipped and decorated, it is now the alternative for independent and business travelers, who enjoy privacy and do not mind renting a restaurant. They prefer to prepare breakfast, eat the favorite food in the refrigerator or simply have this possibility despite choosing to go to a restaurant within walking distance.

For example, you can have a cozy one-bedroom apartment for only USD 220 USD per week or a lovely two bedroom for 4 people for only $ 350 for a week.

So why do not you try it?