Holiday accommodations in Keystone Resort: Mountain House Vs River Run Area Areas


Keystone Resort, Colorado, hosts world class skiing, incredible food, affordable cats skiing, three mountain peaks, and one of the few Colorado resorts to offer night skiing, which makes it one of the Longer days of skiing than the visitor offers. huge blow to your health. It is also found in Kidtopia, a festival where children can go a long way, participating in recreational activities aimed only at them, including the visit and the game in a huge snow fort on the high part of the mountain. Not to forget about the many other winter activities to enjoy, such as snow hockey, ice skating, gastronomic cuisine, sleigh rides, live music, festivals and much more.

So you made the decision to visit Keystone this winter, now is the difficult place, where to stay? Keystone is a small city, about 3 kilometers in length, sitting in a valley at the bottom of the mountain. The mountain itself is formed by three separate tops that line up from north to south; Dercum, North Peak and Outback, each of which offers its own unique terrain and characteristics. Dercum Mountain is the closest peak to the north and its frontal side offers the only two access points to the entire mountain, River Run and Mountain House.

Of the two base areas, River Run is the newest of the two and is known as the main Village, where both the gondola and the Summit Express chair go over a chair and take you to the top of Dercum Mountain. This town offers a pedestrian pedestrian area, with many beautiful shops, ski rental shops, cafes and restaurants. There is a ski control during the night near the gondola and baths and lockers inside the pass and at the ticket offices. The only thing that is really lacking in this base area is a central "skiing", but many restaurants can be found within walking distance of the slopes. The Kickapoo Tavern is a fun place to have lunch or a ski beer for apres, with a large open-air patio that overlooks the slopes. Some of the functions of the River Run Village are the ice rink in the open air of Dercum Square, the various statues of the entire town, the many unique shops and a gas pool in the open air, perfect to warm up on a cold day. There are a group of accommodation options in River Run that are found inside the gondola courtyards, such as Springs, Jackpine, Arapahoe, Black Bear, Silver Mill, Dakota, Buffalo, Expedition Station and Red Hawk Lodge. The two real ski properties to go to Keystone are Lone Eagle and the Timbers, which are really across the Snake River bridge just past the gondola and then on the slopes just a few meters from the village.

The two bases lodge ski schools, skiers services and rental shops. Mountain House has an ideal area for beginners with a magic carpet and a chair lift. You can find a terrain similar to beginners in the middle gondola stop and at the top near Schoolmarm. Although here you will not find the pedestrian shopping center area with the same extensive shopping and dining options as River Run, you will find that Mountain House is a true base area for full ski resorts with a lodge with lockers interiors, a cafe and a bar, ski and bath supplies store; adapting to the needs of any skier. You will also find a lifts box at the base next to the two chairlifts, Peru and the Argentine. The Peru elevator will take you to the top of Area 51, along with some green and blue tracks and you can return to the River Run Base area in a single race or jump to the fast elevator of Montezuma's average mountain to go to the superior.

The prices of accommodation in Mountain House tend to be somewhat lower than the River Run, while offering the majority of amenities. The properties of Chateaux DuMont are very popular and unique, most of them have a private hydromassage bath with views to the side! The outstanding landscapes are another great option in Mountain House and are just a few steps away from the elevators. There are many properties here that are within walking distance of the mountain with a fraction of the cost. If you have the need to stop by the main town, just ski or take a shuttle!

There are also many accommodation options outside the two main towns. Settler Creek, in East Keystone, is one of the newest and most popular urbanizations of the complex. It has beautiful multi-storey city houses with garages and magnificent views of the mountains that surround it. In the center of the neighborhood is "Minnie's Cabin", a central meeting place, complete with a heated outdoor pool, hydromassage bathtub, pool table, BBQ and hanging area for meetings and barbecues.

Keystone Resort hosts a free shuttle service that will take you to any place you need to go to Keystone and most accommodation complexes are served by the shipping company. Most climbs on the slopes from anywhere in Keystone are 10 minutes or less. There is also a free transit system throughout the county known as the Summit Stage, which makes it easy to travel to the highland without a car. The Denver International Airport is only 90 minutes away and there are numerous transport companies that will take you to the airport.

If you want to stay outside the main towns of Keystone, you can often find better offers and prices in your accommodations. Make sure you choose a real estate management company that allows you to choose the exact property where you are staying, so you will know what you expect and plan your trip in advance. If you have a large group, ask the property manager about the rental of a private home. Wherever you stay in Keystone, you will find that it is very easy to find everything you need and much more.