Do you need help creating an AirBnb cleaning list and vacation rentals?


Whether you are renting your home through Airbnb or planning a family meeting on your holiday property, the cleaning plan is key. Before packing a bag or publishing a listing, your residence must be clean, organized and prepared to enjoy it. Below is a checklist of the compulsory cleaning solution.
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Airbnb or holiday home cleaning list

1. The bathroom

Bath, shower, washbasin and wash, hygienic and bright floors between rents or holiday stays. The inside and outside of the sink, under the edge and around the tile, must also be cleaned and cleaned.
Do not forget the mirrors. They will need this glass glitter to make sure your guests’ reflections are clear. Instead of a candle, use a plug-in fragrance. Citrus or floral are the best bath options. Oh, and do not forget to replenish the toilet paper. Some stacks under the sink work well.

2. The kitchen
Start with the sink and drain with a bleach product. Then clean and polish the taps and cuffs. In addition, baking soda and white vinegar are evacuated through the trash. Now the refrigerator. Even if it is empty and it is empty sanitary. An advice is to keep a box of sodium bicarbonate with the top open in the refrigerator between the stays. Clean and disinfect the counters, also make the widths and the countercuts. You may need to take a toothbrush with sodium bicarbonate or grout for grooming. The stove also needs attention. Clean the bell with a grease cutter, as well as the interior of the stove and the top of the stove. If the kitchen has a self-cleaning feature, I also do not run. It is necessary to make a complete sweep of the floor, especially in the corners, before cleaning with a solidifier. If you add a complement fragrance, you can reduce the smell of the cleanser.
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3. The bedroom

The clean sheets and the quilt are everything. Air all parts of the room even under the bed. The sheets of the dryer in the drawers will also produce a fresh and clean aroma. Make sure the drawer liners are clean and replace them if they are broken or damaged. You can also add a complementary fragrance. Clean clothing is the best option. Do not forget about the closet, it must be sucked and airy. A partially open box of sodium bicarbonate or some dryer linen in the closet between the visits are also key to the cool and non-humid cabinets.

4. Halls / Common Spaces

The living rooms, the caves and the dining rooms need a good aspiration and / or sweep and sweep between the visits. Pulling and cleaning all wooden surfaces with furniture cleaners is also important. The glass cleaner on the TV screen or any glass cabinet door is key, as well as the light spraying of the fabric renewal of all furniture pillows. Be sure to check all the luminaires to make sure that the bulbs work, and do not forget to push the screens inside and also outdoors. Also, air and wipe all air beams and heaters.

Once the cleaning list has finished, you will want to take a tour. Think of it as entering a new home or hotel room and see how it looks. Special attention to all rooms will guarantee a happy visit to your holiday home with friends and family, as well as happy customers of Airbnb who will value your space after your visit. You want to get the best ratings every time!

The best bet for the best ratings and an Airbnb property or a clean holiday is to hire a cleaning service. They are not just for houses and permanent offices.